Copper’s Amazing Facts ~ and it turns your finger green….lol


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Centsations Half Dollar and Quarter Coin Rings have copper in them.


Copper Rings ~ Will Wearing them turn my finger green?

I get this question a lot of my answer is, most likely and/or yes. Each person’s skin reacts to copper in different ways. For most people it will turn your skin green when worn but for some it doesn’t. There is no way to know if it will happen to you other then by wearing a copper ring. If your skin does have a reaction to the copper the green mark will usually disappear overnight (if the ring is removed) or will easily wash away with soap and water.

If you want to try to prevent the ring from turning your finger green you can apply clear nail polish to the inside of the ring. The nail polish coating will prevent the ring’s metal alloys from coming in contact with your skin and prevent your finger from turning green. The clear polish will eventually wear off and when it does just add another application of the nail polish.

Some people believe that there are benefits to wearing copper on your skin….That it helps ease the pain of arthritis…I personally handle so much of it on a daily basis in my shop that I should never have to hurt with that issue. lol.

In doing research on copper and it’s benefits and why we need it in our bodies I stumbled on a wealth of information that has so surprised and amazed me that I am now going to start creating copper bowls, spoons, and glasses for my own home use. Seems back in the Roman days all their plumbing was run thru copper piping because they found that it purifies the water! Even Egyptians used copper because of this reason! And harmful diseases can’t survive long on copper, example…E. coli is completely dead within 75 minutes of contact with a copper surface where E. coli has shown to remain viable on stainless steel surfaces in excess of four and a half hours! That alone is a huge reason to reconsider copper use in our everyday lives!

If you are interested in learning more about copper and the amazing things that it can do for you and against bad E. coli and Other terrible diseases please go read here and here…. and even more current news about the use of copper in hospitals and public uses

I have certainly been amazed and surprised to learn all these amazing facts about copper. After working with it for over a year now, I am only beginning to understand just how far I can push and create with it.  I find it very fascinating. I hope you will too after reading some of these amazing facts.

I will continue to create with copper and wear it, even if it turns my finger green. :) Beautiful things comes from copper…The necklace pictured below was created from Ron Paul copper coins. Each coin was hammered and cut to represent a flower. The leaves were created from copper plumbing, cut, hammered and shaped. All cold forged by me. I have never created another piece like this one. It is beautiful and heavy and quite stunning. Has a price to match. :) DSCN4970 DSCN4971 DSCN4972 DSCN4973 DSCN4974 RSCN4966

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  1. wow, awesome researching!!! the fact thst it kills e.coli alone makes me want to deck out my kitchen in copper. not to mention my kitchen would then look totally awesome. fantastic profile pic as well by the way


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