Festival Time

Festival Time

Gearing up for the upcoming Northeast Louisiana Celtic festival on Oct 4th. Been working on a lot of new little hair sticks. I love these things. So pretty. I guess the options for designs are kinda unlimited, change the beads and you change the whole look of the piece. Here are some of the ones I have ready to go….

DSCN0044 DSCN9782 DSCN0043


After the Celtic Fest I have the PeaceLoveArtYoga festival on Oct 11th. This would should be a lot of fun! Yoga business’s from all over will be doing demonstrations of their craft. Vendors will be set up all over and live music goes on all through the day. Missed it last year. Will not make that mistake twice!


By the way, finished the website…. www.centsations.net   Now you can shop there too. LOVE IT!

Hammered Copper Hair Pins



Working on some copper hair pins today. These are really fun to make! So many ways to twist and curl them. Add beads to them. Long ones, short ones, swirly ones.

I’m going to make quiet a few of these for an upcoming event. Looking forward to October and several festivals coming up. Oct 4th is the Celtic Festival here in Monroe/West Monroe. Then we have the PeaceLoveArtYoga festival in Ruston the next weekend. Both will be a lot of fun, as a vendor and as a visitor. :)

ok, back to work, hammer hammer hammer….


Lora Lee





Gardening and Fun!


When I’m not covered in metal shavings I am covered in dirt. I love love love gardening. Something about watching little seeds sprout and grow makes me amazingly happy.

My new seeds come in the mail today. Kale, garlic, broccoli, and so much more. I’ve been working the ground up for the past week or so keeping it grass free waiting on the new seeds to come in. Today is the day.

So knowing I’ll be busy in the garden today, I wanted to share some of the beautiful metal pieces I cut this week. They will soon be enameled and ready to put on chains. I have two events coming up the first and second weekend in Oct. Trying to get ready for those.

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I have some new colors of enamel coming in the mail, a beautiful pink and turquoise. I have special plans for both of them, super excited to get them and start playing. Waiting on the mail has got to be the most frustrating thing. lol.

I want to play right now!

Patience. ya, I’m going to be patient. What other choice do I have :)

Hope you have a beautiful week!

Lora Lee


I have been having a blast in the shop this week. Cut and enameled some new pieces. I love the mermaids. They are a challenge to cut out, but I’m determined to get better at cutting out tiny details. This is a good way to start. Gearing up for an upcoming Celtic Fest and a PeaceLoveArtYoga event the first of October. These will be some of the items I carry to that.

Hope you enjoy. :)