Hammered Copper Hair Pins



Working on some copper hair pins today. These are really fun to make! So many ways to twist and curl them. Add beads to them. Long ones, short ones, swirly ones.

I’m going to make quiet a few of these for an upcoming event. Looking forward to October and several festivals coming up. Oct 4th is the Celtic Festival here in Monroe/West Monroe. Then we have the PeaceLoveArtYoga festival in Ruston the next weekend. Both will be a lot of fun, as a vendor and as a visitor. :)

ok, back to work, hammer hammer hammer….


Lora Lee





Gardening and Fun!


When I’m not covered in metal shavings I am covered in dirt. I love love love gardening. Something about watching little seeds sprout and grow makes me amazingly happy.

My new seeds come in the mail today. Kale, garlic, broccoli, and so much more. I’ve been working the ground up for the past week or so keeping it grass free waiting on the new seeds to come in. Today is the day.

So knowing I’ll be busy in the garden today, I wanted to share some of the beautiful metal pieces I cut this week. They will soon be enameled and ready to put on chains. I have two events coming up the first and second weekend in Oct. Trying to get ready for those.

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I have some new colors of enamel coming in the mail, a beautiful pink and turquoise. I have special plans for both of them, super excited to get them and start playing. Waiting on the mail has got to be the most frustrating thing. lol.

I want to play right now!

Patience. ya, I’m going to be patient. What other choice do I have :)

Hope you have a beautiful week!

Lora Lee


I have been having a blast in the shop this week. Cut and enameled some new pieces. I love the mermaids. They are a challenge to cut out, but I’m determined to get better at cutting out tiny details. This is a good way to start. Gearing up for an upcoming Celtic Fest and a PeaceLoveArtYoga event the first of October. These will be some of the items I carry to that.

Hope you enjoy. :)

Share The Love

Share The Love

Share The Love


I’m looking to spread some love.

I want to hear from you.

Do you know someone that needs a little pick me up. A simple note in the mail saying someone is thinking of them, or maybe a special little token to wear that will remind them, someone loves them?

I want to hear from you.

Send me an email at loralee@centsations.net and tell me about this person and give me their mailing address.

From these stories I will choose randomly over the next few months to help raise up and share some love with these people.

Auction Coming Up for = Kayla Miller= Cross Coin Ring

Auction Coming Up for = Kayla Miller= Cross Coin Ring

All Auction proceeds from this beautiful Coin Cross Ring will be donated 100% to Kayla and her family to help cover the unexpected medical costs that came up recently. You can read more of that story below. Here is the ring that I am putting up for auction for her.Coin Cross Ring


The auction will be held on my facebook page. It will start September 6th and go to Sept 20th. If you would like to donate to this auction please message me on FB and I will get details there.



Kayla’s Story


I want to share this with you. It’s been heavy on my heart for days now.

I see everyone doing this ALS challenge and it’s great that there is money being raised for this cause. I hope we also pay attention to the local families in need. People that we know personally, and can help right here in our own neighborhood and communities. We all know someone that could use a hand. Charity is not about just handing someone some money, it’s about letting them know they are thought of, loved, and cared for. Sometimes when we are struggling with loosing a job or a health scare we forget that there are people willing to help. We don’t want to ask for help. We don’t want to be vulnerable but sometimes asking for help doesn’t mean you can’t handle it, or are not strong. It means you have been strong enough for long enough, and now it’s time to let the people that love you, join you in your fight to get back on top.

I’ve been there. I’ve been overwhelmed in bills and house notes and not been able to put gas in my car. I eventually lost that house and had to live with friends until I could get on my feet. My family helped me out so much, not just finacially, but with encouragement and love. We all need it at some point in our lives.

Today I want to share my friend Kayla’s story. She is the leader in our local homeschool group. I met her almost 2 years ago. I have to admit, it thrilled me and surprised me to see her the first time in person. She has purple hair lol. I loved that! She was so quiet spoken that it will throw you off, how can someone with purple hair be so quiet. But then you have to watch, and listen, because under that soft spoken voice is a quirky sense of humor, an artist, a teacher and a mother. She inspires all of us mothers in the group to keep going and pushing to learn more about our children and to teach them the way we think is best. 1976588_1408424951.3142_multi

Kayla has been struggling with health issues for 8 years, the autoimmune diseases lupus, fybromyalgia, and connective tissue disease and now what they are calling Resistant Raynaud’s Disease. Last Oct we went to a bowling event for the kids, and she was there with her family. She was telling us about her finger and how it had been hurting so very bad. The tip of her index finger was actually turning blue/black colored. She had an appointment to have a doctor look at it. Next thing you know, they are removing it. It would be the first but not the last. She has since had two more removed. And now…now she is fighting to save 3 of them that have turned blue. She is in the hospital in Shreveport and doctors are racing to figure out what to do to save these fingers. If she looses them, she will only have a thumb on her left hand, and 2 fingers and a thumb on the right hand. And there are no guarantees that it will stop there.

This mother and artist, wife and teacher, needs all the help she can get. I hope you will take a minute to read over her story here…http://www.gofundme.com/saving-kaylas-fingers

Their car is over 20 years old and I know it is a worrysome thing to have to fear it breaking down while going back and forth to the hospital to visit Kayla, and her hubby trying to work his job too. Her oldest son just started nursing school. Her 14 yr old is waiting for mom to come home. Every little bit of money raised will go to gas for trips to doctors, food on the table, to pay bills to keep the water and elec going, and all her medical needs, medicine and such.

If you can’t help finacially, please just take a minute to share the story. There may be someone out there that is going through the same thing, or someone that knows how to help.

I appreciate the time you have taken to read this. This family will appreciate it too.


Peace and Love

Lora Lee