Ignite The People Around You….



Do you have a friend or family member that you love to talk to because they make you feel better? They lift you up and make you realize how beautiful life is. 

I have a friend that says I am her “igniter”. That always makes me smile, but it also makes me realize something. We often have friends that call us, with their cares and concerns. Are we listening? Really listening and Hearing? Don’t listen to reply. Listen to hear, hear what they are really feeling. 

I try to do that. I try to listen to my friends and family and sometimes that is the greatest gift you can give someone, just to listen. No judgements, no smooth replies. They just want someone to listen to them. You don’t have to agree or disagree with them. Just listen. 

And then you have those moments, kinda like ah ha moments where you see something they are completely missing. They are feeling lost or down, or overwhelmed with life choices and you see the path they should be on. Maybe they are unhappy with their current job and at home they are creative and crafty. Telling them to focus more on the creative side because that makes them happy, could lead them to a place where they can sell their creations and walk away from that old job. People take it for granted that blah jobs are necessary. They are not!!! That thing that fires you, and makes you happy, that is what you should be doing. 

I have been talking to a lot of other women in small business groups and I see it all the time. We have this passion, this thing we do, and we don’t see the potential for growth and happiness is right there. Not that boring 8-5 job at the office. That’s not where your heart is, it’s in that passionate thing you do later for fun. And even when we are doing our passion as a job, sometimes we get sidetracked by what everyone else wants us to do, that we forget why we started in the first place. 

I recently found myself overwhelmed with trying to please “customers” and had to slap myself back to reality and remind myself why I started creating in the first place. It brings me joy, it fires my mind, it makes me smile and want to share everything I learn with anyone that will listen. I create because it is my Passion! I sell it because I want to share that with everyone. (and I can’t wear it all lol). 

So in all this rambling I hope you remember these few things.

Listen and uplift those around you, they need it as much as you do.

Find your passion, that thing that makes your heart sing and DO IT.

Don’t wait, life is too short to not love every day of it!


Peace and Love to you…

Lora Lee


Reversible Leaf Necklace


There is detail all over this necklace, From the hand twisted copper wire that the Leaf hangs from, to the textured and hammered wire that drapes over your collarbones, to the hand shaped and hammered clasp. It’s all those beautiful features that accent the beautiful enameled Leaf. And that’s not all…It’s reversible…that’s right, you get two looks in one necklace. I love love this!

Beautiful green blue shades on one side and black on the other. Perfect for that tee shirt and jeans or little black dress for a night out on the town. I may have to add this one to my personal collection!

Leaf Necklace Reversible

Peace Out Man!!


Having fun playing with the new enamels…Here are some of the ones I’ve created so far. I love the colors, you can mix and match, it’s better than a whole box of new crayons….Seriously.. :)

All of these can be found on my Centsations FB page for sale. http://www.facebook.com/CentsationsbyLoraLee


Playing With Fire


I love playing with fire. In my shop of course lol, not like forest fires or anything. :)

I have been using a MAP gas torch for several years now to anneal my metal and now I am learning to use it for enamels. Enamels are really fine powder glass, when you heat it with the torch it melts and fuses to the metal. Makes for beautiful pendants like this…




I have enjoyed learning how to use these and was finally able to get a few of the proper tools to work with these. I am buying the colors I like a few at a time since they are a bit pricey to get into. As far as the learning curve goes, this has got to be one of the easier things I’ve ever learned how to do. I love using recycled and salvaged metal in my work but know that there are a lot of people that don’t enjoy wearing copper. I am hoping using enamels in my work will open up a new customer market and make my jewelry wearable for everyone. The enamels completely seal the copper metal and allows for custom colors for each unique design. The bird pendant is a penny coin that I have hand drawn a bird on, then it is careful hand cut out. You won’t find these anywhere to purchase online but in my store. A true one of a kind piece. I also do trees like this…


I have worked hard over the past few years to improve my skills with the jewelers saw and I enjoy doing my own custom hand drawn designs. Each of the birds and the trees come out slightly different every time I draw them. These will now be available in a larger variety of colors. I am truly excited about being able to offer more choices to my customers.

If you have been considering learning enameling I highly recommend it. If you have any questions there are great groups on FB that can help you out.

I look forward to sharing more of my enameled work with you over the coming months. For now this one is at the top of my favorite list….DSCN9269


Lora Lee




My Story…..



There is a story behind every individual..some long, some short, some wild, some tame. I don’t happen to think mine is very impressive but then I lived it and am still going strong so I guess that is something. I am a survivor of emotional and mental abuse from not one but three men in my life. I firmly believe that words can hurt you worse than a hand ever could! A bruise will fade, Words will be with you for the rest of your life! I had let myself be reduced to what they believed I was. I have come to learn after being surrounded by some amazing people that truly love me that my value is not in what others think of me, but in what I believe of myself.

I have always been creative. Drawing, Painting, Quilting, Sewing, Photography. Was nothing special to it, just something that came easier than most other things. I’ve always loved working with my hands, carpentry work, mechanic work, gardening, etc.

A few years ago I walked away from all the negative in my life. Divorced, Started College for the first time at age 36! Single mom with 3 beautiful children. They are 14, 17, and 20 now. I found out real quick that I could accomplish a lot of things on my own, but also learned that sometimes you have to ask for help. That doesn’t mean your not strong enough, it just means your smart enough to lean on the shoulder that is being offered. Two can be stronger than one!

I met Wayne Aug of 2011 and my world changed into this amazingly positive and inspiring eye opening world! He created this beautiful nickel ring for me as a surprise and it opened up a world of possibilities! I wanted to know how you could turn an ordinary nickel into something beautiful like that! So he showed me, and it started me on this strange and crazy dream that became Centsations. Created in Sept of 2011.

Silver Coin Wedding Set

I started with a simple carpenters hammer, a nickel, and a concrete floor. Created my first ring, and then soon a matching set for Wayne and myself to wear.

Officially tied the knot. :) He’s stuck with me now.

I was familiar with power tools of all kinds, but not a lot of hands on experience. With a lot of trial and error I now use a variety of tools, but still resort to those simple hammer and anvil, concrete floors rarely now. To size rings I used his socket set for the longest time, now I have a ring mandrel. Lots of elbow grease goes into so many of the coin projects. It takes a lot of strength to create the coin designs. The engraving wears out your hands and back. The hammering out rings wears your shoulders out. I work a bit on one thing and then switch to the next. So that by the end of a really busy day I hurt from head to toe, but the beautiful things that lay out before me are so worth it. I love what I do very much! I get inspiration from everything! The tv, the hardware store, other shops creations, magazines, nature! You name it!

Creating this jewelry allows me to express my creative side, but more than that, I hope to one day be able to profit from it to the point that it will be a blessing to my family, allowing me to continue my schooling, help my children with their sports and art interests.

Sharing this craft with my children has been such a delight. I hope this inspires them to try to create more!


I am proud of who I am. I am very proud of how far I have come. I have a ton of people to thank for helping me get to where I am today. But I have to say, my biggest source of encouragement comes from Wayne. My husband! My best friend! He is my biggest delight in all of this. Sharing what he inspired me to create delights me to no end!

Officially tied the knot. :) He's stuck with me now.
Today I create more than just jewelry. I am working on sculptures in metal and paper too. Wall Art and water features to come.

I hope I encourage others to try new things and to see the beauty in everything, even ordinary things.

May Love Lead You To Your Haven!

Lora Lee