Jellyfish Handcrafted in Louisiana

Jellyfish Handcrafted in Louisiana

Moonstone jellyfish

Creating new things is my passion. I hate redoing a design idea more than a few times. If I do I love to mix it up and make them each unique even if they have the same theme. This past week has been all about jellyfish. I have several different versions I have created. I love them all. They each start out the same way…. I hand cut the circles out of salvaged copper metal. I hammer them each into the domed shapes. File all the edges smooth and drill the holes needed. I use Thompson Powder enamels to give them each different colors. I torch fire them, no kiln here. Some I create handmade chains for, others I add stock chain too. Beads maybe or maybe not. Each one has a life of its own. :)

jellyfish2The jellyfish in the photo above is on a stock copper chain. It has tiny enameled wire tentacles. :)


This jellyfish has a handmade beaded chain. Each link was made from salvaged copper wire. Stripped from casing, wrapped into circle coils, cleaned, linked by hand, and then polished up. Some are hammered for texture. Howlite beads were added to carry the color of the jellyfish up into the chain. This one sold the morning after I shared it on FB. I do love knowing someone loved it as much as I did creating it.

I have a purple, white/orange, pink and few more colors coming out this week. All will be different. Everyone is unique and should be able to find jewelry to express that.

I strive to create items for those customers. Unique but with great impact!

Hope you enjoyed. If you’d like to see more come by FB and see more of my work. I’m always open to new ideas and love to hear from you all.

Your why I keep doing what I do. :)

JellyFish Necklace SOLD fast!



I was in the middle of writing this post and checking emails and FB when I ran across an email from someone that wanted the JellyFish necklace. She found me through my website, and bought it fast. I love that! That made my whole day right there!

I have had so much fun creating these little jellyfish! This inspires me to create more of them. The handmade chain just set it off so beautifully!



I made this chain using salvaged copper wire. I stripped it from the casing, wrapped a LOT of coils, put them in the tumbler to clean them. After they are clean I cut each one into jump rings making sure that both ends of the wire are flat and close neatly. Some of the larger links are fused together with a torch, hammered for beautiful detail and then added to the smaller chain links. The Howlite Beads were wired on and finally the little jellyfish was added.



I worked on some new ones last night. Different colors. I have pinks, purples, blues, greens, all coming soon. The chain is what takes so long to make. :) But so worth it.


Now, to get in gear and go make more.

I love my job.

Lora Lee

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BOGO 1/2 Off Sale At Centsations

BOGO 1/2 Off Sale At Centsations

I am thrilled to offer a BOGO 1/2 off sale for a limited time. There is so much in stock and I’d love to see it clear out before the holidays. I want everyone to be able to get some beautiful creations for their friends and family for the Holidays. sale-buy-1-get-1-half-price

I don’t make this beautiful jewelry to just have it sit in my shop for a year. I want it to find that perfect home with someone that will love it and wear it. I work with these payment options – need layaway, I can do that. Need me to hold something till payday. I can do that. I use paypal for all my payments. Makes it easy to send invoices and keep up with layaway balances.

So don’t be shy, come by and browse what’s in stock to find that perfect piece. Custom orders are not included in this sale, for example: rings.

Browse here: SALE!

Just do YOU! I’ll be over here doing ME.


I was told this past weekend by a fellow metalsmith that “You should be glad I don’t work in copper because I would create some amazing pieces of jewelry”. My response was “Well why don’t you, I’d love to see your creations.” Most people would have been upset by this…I wasn’t. In fact I almost laughed. I’m not in competition with anyone. I do ME. In fact I do ME so much that no one could ever figure out what my next creation would look like. So please, feel free to work in copper. I promise I’ll encourage and help in any way I can. Cause I’ll be over here, doing my thing, and loving every minute of it. 1912143_1561339074081380_7211698936174496311_n